Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week # 61 - Papa Lynn

      This letter will be a little different as my computer died on me and I haven’t been able to get it restored yet.  I was able to do a huge back up on it before it died so I am very grateful for that, and I hope I really did get it backed up.  I need some help to get the internet back up on it and because it was Friday and Saturday that it went down I will most likely have to wait until tomorrow or the next day.  I need constantly to be taught the principle of patience.  But I’m not really stressed out about this so maybe I am learning a little.  We have really had an unusual week as last Sunday we looked at the calendar and items that needed to be done and said to each other that this coming week should be really easy for a change.
            Last Thursday I called a lady from Lobatse Motors and was told we have 12 new cars that will replace every car here in Botswana all except the bakki (pickup that the zone leaders drive).   She needed some information from me so she could get the all registered with Botswana plates on each of them.  She indicated that it would be a couple of weeks.  Last Monday morning I called her to see if the information I gave to her was correct to get them registered.  She said it was correct and they have all of them done and the new plates are already on the cars.  She said they will be delivered in two days which was going to be Wednesday.  Wow, I wasn’t ready for that because I had to line up and get the old cars back from all over Botswana in twelve different directions.  Four in Francistown which was the ones I was most concerned about and then Kanye, Molepolole, Mochudi, Lobatse, and then those here in Gaborone.  I also needed to set up a time for us to take the old ones to South Africa or have them come and pick them up.  All the cars that were going out have South Africa plates and that is the reason for the change.  This makes our cars here in Botswana legal now as before they were suppose to only be in the country for 90 days just like Elders when they come in.
            I got on the phone and prepared to have everyone meet at the Broadhurst Chapel with their old car cleaned and full of gas at 2:00 that afternoon.  The new cars were delivered some on Tuesday afternoon and the rest was to be delivered by 2:00 Wednesday afternoon.  But Wednesday morning they said the cars wouldn’t be ready until 3:30 to 4:00 so I let Francistown come down and change their cars when they arrived so they could go back the same day to Francistown.  It was a long day for them but I did a little switching of what cars I planned to put where and it worked out great.  The others were called to come at 4:30 instead of 2:00 and it worked well for them as well.  In the parking lot we had a new car and a blank parking space then another new car and another blank space and when the elders or sisters come to change their car for a new one they parked right beside it and unloaded their trunk (boot) and other items into their new car and were on their way.  It was a long day for us as well but all went very well.  The new couple from Francistown stayed overnight with us and we went out to dinner and they even paid for it.  Every car except for the bakki is now a new car registered with a Botswana plate.  The bakki already had a Botswana plate.
            I don’t know if we ever mentioned that a missionary that has been serving in Ghana from here in Gaborone was accused along with his companion of having intimate relations with a 15 year old girl that was in the same housing compound as them.  They were taken to court and found guilty and sentenced to 7 and 8 years (why the difference we don’t know).  The church has appealed the case and after a long hard fought battle this past Thursday they have been found not guilty on all counts and today Elder Keeng arrived back here in Gaborone where we were asked to meet him at the airport.  His family and many friends were there and everyone is very relived to have him home again.  His father is a member but not active and lives up north in Botswana and is separated from the rest of the family.  The mother is not a member but has committed to be baptized by her returning son.  What a great thing to be a part of this and we have followed it from the beginning and our hearts have gone out to these two missionaries.  We have paused today in heartfelt prayers to thank our Father in Heaven for his tender mercies for these two missionaries.  They have been in prison for nearly 11 months and now are free as of this past Thursday and Elder Keeng is tonight home with his family.
            Just so you know this has been the weekend for General Conference here in Africa and we enjoyed ever session.  It was great to set at the feet of the Prophet and the twelve and be taught.  I love the Gospel and want to serve my Lord and Savior throughout my life in some capacity or another.  Our life here in Botswana is growing shorter every day.  We have less than 4 months left and we have lots to do before we can come home.  It is such a great blessing to serve with my great and loving wife.  She is the greatest and our missions together have made our bond to each other even stronger.  I hope each of you will have an opportunity to serve as couples in your lives as well.  Well I will close for now.
Love Out Of Botswana, Dad and Mom

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