Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week #59 - Papa Lynn

This letter will not be a long one but it is my turn to write and I have tried to write every other week sense being here in the mission field.  This week I want to speak out to a few people.  Barney this part is for you, will you schedule the Sunday of August 14th with the bishop so we can report our mission on that day.  Several of the family members have asked when our report would be and with them coming to greet us when we arrive back home that day will be the best time to report.  Thank you for doing this will you please report back so we know if that date will be ok with the Bishop and the ward.
     This next part is for Harold and Sue, first of all Monday is you anniversary and we want to wish you well on that special day.  The second part is this is a kind warning that we are coming home earlier than the 22nd of August as you can see from the first of this letter.  I hope you can arrange to be back into you home so we can move back into our home.
     This part is for Mariah, I hope you are enjoying your wonderful visit to America.  We miss you here in Botswana and we are not visiting Kanye as much with you gone.  We are visiting other wards and branches so we are trying to stay on our schedule of visiting each of them as we have been asked.  Roger and Shaundalee are very happy and excited to be the parents of your baby.  We are so proud of you and the decisions that you are making.  Briella will be loved and taken care of and you can come back and be a part of YSA (young single adults) here in Gaborone.  The Lord truly had a hand in working out these special blessings for you and we are excited to see you again about the middle of May here in Botswana.
     To all of you I want you to know how special each of you are to Mom and me.  We love each of you and miss you very much.  Our grandchildren are so special and they have great parents.  If it wasn’t for the call to serve here in Botswana as missionaries we would be home enjoying each of you.  But we are very happy is serving the Lord at this time.  When we complete this mission it will be 8 ½ years of missionary service for both your Mom and I all sense September of 2001 back in the Idaho Pocatello Mission for nearly 5 years until July 2006.  Then 9 days later we started our mission to Ukraine for two years.  Then for a year and a half we worked in the new Twin Falls Temple as ordinance workers and got three of our four knees replaced, two for Mom and one for me.  We recuperated enough to put in papers and come to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission.  We are excited to be home on the 12th of August and then we plan to stay unless the Lord calls again.
     I close with our Love Out Of Botswana
Dad and Mom

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