Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week #40 - Papa Lynn

Dear Family, Sunday November 21, 2010

We know all of you have had such a big week and you have been in our thoughts and prayers all week. We’re anxious to hear all about the weddings, sealings, travel, exams, and etc. so drop us a line and tell us all about things from your prospective. Sherrie sent some pictures from Braxton and Danielle’s sealing and Roger sent us three pictures as Dax and Melissa were coming out of the temple. We got them 4 minutes after he sent them so it was ALMOST like we were there in person. We aren’t sure exactly who was able to be there for Braxton’s sealing and for Dax’s wedding, but they both look like a big group of people and we are so thankful that you support each other and enjoy these very special times together. One of Roger’s pictures was of Grandma and Grandpa Beus and we sure appreciate everyone being so good to them. They write and tell us how good you are to them and how much they love our family.

We’ve had a busy week as it was our Stake Conference (actually it was our Broadcast from Salt Lake) so I guess it’s called Regional Conference. On Saturday we had the Leadership training meeting on the new Church Handbook of Instructions and Dad gave out his plaques he’s been working on for so long and he is really relieved to have that project done. He’s been limited for equipment to work with and without knowing where to get helping for lettering he needed and such, it’s been a bit of a nightmare and he finished 30 minutes before the meeting, but they are done and given out so he is breathing a bit easier today. We did receive the Leadership Training meeting as it was on a Disk, but when it came time for the Adult Session that was a Broadcast from our Stake Center in JoBurg, we couldn’t get it at all so the High Councilman in charge as Dad and I if we would be the speakers. I almost had a heart attack because I’m not really an impromptu speaker, but I did take about 10 minutes and dad spoke a lot about the goals of each of the Branches (6) and Wards (3) to become a stake. He did an excellent job of covering how everyone is working hard to win against all the struggles we feel from Satan and how if we all pull together it is possible for each group to meet their needed goals and reach our goal by June 26th, 2011. When we finished, they called on 2 of the Bishops to bear their testimonies and we all went home.

This morning they scheduled a New Member meeting for 8:30 and again it was coming from the Stake in JoBurg and it didn’t happen either so they called on several of the new members to introduce themselves and bear their testimonies. It was a good meeting but everyone was so disappointed as they wanted the new members to see the church in action and see the Stake President and his counselors. When it was time for the 10:00 meeting, we missed the first half hour as it was suppose to come from our Stake again and have all the sustaining and etc. but we did receive the last 90 minutes with Elder Oaks, President Packer, Sister Dibb and Elder Golden from the 70’s who is a native South African. It was a great meeting and President Packer closed the meeting with some blessings for Africa and the African people that made us all know that Heavenly Father knows all about the people of Africa and is aware of their needs and worries and that it is African’s Time and all will be well.

Tonight we had another Young Single Adult “Evening with the Morgan’s” and I think they really had a good time. We brought lots of board games and we set up 4 tables outside in our little front yard and they all gathered round and had a great time. They didn’t know how to play the games and you all know me, I’m no game player, so we had the Sister Missionaries come for an hour and help them all get started. It was a smashing success and they stayed until it was dark and they had to rush to catch their Kombi’s (public transport) and head for home. We served Root Beer Floats (without Root Beer) as they don’t have such a thing, but we served Fanta Grape, Orange, Raspberry and then the closest thing they have to Root Beer is Iron Brew and most of them went for that. We had about 40 Young Ladies and Gentlemen here and it was really lots of fun. Dad took pictures, I’ll have him attach a couple so you can see the fun!!

We are taking individual pictures of each of them and having them sign their names so we can to actually know them by name! It’s hard though as I tell the Sisters, I just get to know them and they completely cut off all their hair, or have it all braided instead of Frizzed, or wear a wig and then I can’t tell who they are again. Seriously, one week they have braids all over their heads and down their backs, and the next week they are shaved and wearing darling dangly earrings and they don’t even look like the same person. I’m working really hard to get to know their faces, but it is really difficult for me. I must be getting old, actually there’s no doubt, I am!

Also, we never did send you a picture of when we went to Kanye, our Branch that moved into their rented building just before President and Sister Bricknell were there. We took everyone outside on the steps and got a picture of the whole group. This is actually an office complex and we just rent an area in the back corner of the building, but it should be nice someday. Right now their toilets still don’t work so they have to lock them up, they have no ceiling so the noise level is extremely difficult for everyone but they are thrilled for the space as they were only meeting in the Missionaries living room before and it was WAY overcrowded as you can imagine.

Last but not least, we keep baptizing and are working hard to reach our Mission Goal “Bringing The Gospel to 2010 Souls During 2010.” Our Branch in Francistown had 13 baptisms yesterday, they are our heaviest baptizing area, but everyone is working hard to bring the gospel to our Heavenly Fathers choice people in Botswana!

I’ll close for now. We are working hard, loving our mission and getting way attached to these beautiful people. We got lots of hugs and handshakes from people from all of our branches today as they gathered for our Stake Conference. We love them all! Dad & Mom!!

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