Monday, November 15, 2010

Week #39 - Papa Lynn

Week 39

Dear Family and Friends, 15 Nov 2010

I don’t know where to start. I guess last week was another great week with President Poulsen coming to Botswana for Zone Leaders Conference with District Leaders and Trainers joining after two hours for the next two hours. This all happened on Thursday from 2:00 until after 6:00 and then President and Sister Poulsen took Mom and I to dinner. We ate at Rodizio Restaurant which was very good. I had fish, Mom had a chicken salad which was chucked full of chicken. Sister Poulsen had fish and President Poulsen had a lovely looking steak. May next time I’ll have the stake myself.

The next day everyone in the three zones come in for Zone Conference. Everyone except for Elder and Sister Cardiff, they don’t like the driving from Francistown to here very well. I don’t mind it that much in fact we are planning a trip to Francistown on the 26th which is Friday and then return after meetings on Sunday. Back to the Zone Conference, it was great and we learn a lot and learn to love President Poulsen even more. He is a great man and has the love of each of his missionaries. He treats me kindly and tells the missionaries that President Morgan knows Botswana better than I do so let him help you in decisions. He has given me the final say as to where we will have the second set of sister when they come the 1st of December which is the next transfer. The problem is that we have a nice expensive apartment in G-West area that has in the past housed two sets of sisters back when we had 3 sets here in Gaborone. But with 2 sets going up to Francistown everything has changed. But the 1st of December two sisters finish their missions and we get 4 to replace them so Francistown will keep 2 sets and we will then have 2 sets here in Gaborone again instead of just 1 set. The interesting part is that all four that are going to be here will all be trainers for the four new ones that are coming.

At Zone Conference or the night before Zone Conference, President Poulsen and I decided to ask the Botswana missionaries to fast Sunday for better results with the immigration department. I don’t know if I explained that Joseph Mokoena from the Area Office wants someone else to make the actual presentations for the applications for residence permits. I totally agree and we are in the process of getting this done. Today Monday Joseph came up from Johannesburg and he meet with a lawyer and also a man that we hope is an expert in immigration department work. We will see. He came to our home today and took some receipts of residence permits that should be completed but we haven’t heard anything so he will try and get some results.

I have complained enough about the immigration department so I’ll drop that subject. I am still working on the barometer plaques but I’m hoping to have them finished and past out this week end. If we didn’t have to keep up with everything else I could do it easily. Tomorrow morning I am putting a shower head holder in Broadhurst 2 elders apartment then going to Mochudi and putting a shower rod and curtain and shower holder in two bathrooms as we have 2 sets of elders in the same apartment. Then back to pick up some items for the barometer plaques and then to our zone leaders and putting in two more shower rods and curtains with shower heads for them as they two have 2 sets of elders in one apartment. We never have a dull moment here in Botswana.

Just today when I was expecting to pick up the lettering for the barometer plaques they said it would be Wednesday before the lettering will be ready. I can’t count on anyone here doing what they say they will do. We have two cars in the shop and they should have been done last Friday so they could have been picked up after zone conference but that didn’t work. In fact one of the cars will maybe done tomorrow which is Tuesday and the other one said most likely Friday a week after it should have been done. Here I go again complaining about things but it isn’t America and we have to remember TIA meaning This Is Africa. We have to say This Is Africa almost every day. We love the mission and doing the work of the Lord and we know He helps us every day. We feel of His love and could not do this work without Him. A week from today the journey is half over. Then we start the downhill part of the mission. It will go too fast but we are loving it.

Love Out Of Botswana, DAD and MOM

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