Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prayers for Botswana!

Dear Family,
It's mid-week but we are asking for your prayers and for you to fast for us on Fast Sunday. We actually have had a really good day yesterday and go to take some much needed furniture (stove, fridge, desk, podium) to Kayne (1 1/2 hours away) yesterday and spend the day doing physical work with the Elders there trying to get their new building in better shape. The landlord there still hasn't put any ceiling in the building so it echo's terrible and all the noises from the cute little Primary children singing, the YW repeating their YW theme and the nursey crying comes right up and into the adult Sunday School class and they can't hear the teaching at all. They also still have leaking toilets so they aren't able to use them, they have to turn off the water or it runs down the hall and into the chapel. Anyway, things are a little better for them today, but dad couldn't fix the leaky toilet situation' we only delivered and cleaned and hung up some white boards and bullitin boards and put in a new shelf so they have a place for cleaning supplies and their baptismal clothes and do a few minor repairs as well. We also got to go to the home of our little Maria that is 18 years old, pregnant (she was raped) and had a really good interview with her and give her all of her options, including placing the baby with Social Services. She had to go to the hospital to be tested for Aids and HIV, but everything is fine there and her baby should be able to born healthy. While she was at the hospital they tried to convince her to have an abortion but she called the Branch President (an Elder) there and he was able to convince her to wait until we could come to visit with her. I gave her several talks and some other literature from the church about adoption and she has decided that is what she will do.
But the rest of the week has been tough with Immigration again as Monday we had to send out our 4 Missionaries that had their residency permits declined' they were only able to stay in Botswana for the initial 90 days and they got a 10 day extention to get out of the country once the final decision was made. President sent us 4 new missionaries to take their place but Immigration wouldn't accept their paperwork to even apply for Residency Permits. We were told they had to apply before they ever come into the country from now on; which means President would have to know 4-6 months ahead of time who he wanted to serve in Botswana. We also have 4 new Sisters coming the 1st of December and they can only serve in Botswana as South Africa is too dangerous for the Sisters to live in so they all come here for their entire 18 months. Our Area Office contacted the Botswana Embassy in South Africa about applying and they said we could not apply for Residency in Botswana until the Missionaries are actually in the country. so.............................
Dad was able to obtain an appointment with the Director of Home Affairs for 11 O'clock tomorrow and the church is flying in some help for us to go to the meeting with us. They are also trying to find a lawyer here in Botswana to go with us to the meeting tomorrow. We feel that if things don't change, the situation will be too difficult for President to even keep missionaries in Botswana. Satan knows we are all working very hard to find His elect so we can become a Stake by June 26th, 2011. He also knows what a blessing that would be for the people of Botswana, so he is doing all that he can to keep us focused on Immigration problems and not to be able to get the Spiritual work done. We are determined to win and become a Stake in spite of all that is going on so we are trying to encourage our missionaire and not let them know how serious it is with Immigration. Dad could use some extra prayers in his behalf and he is the Main Man when it comes to Immigration and he has to meet it "face on" at every crossroads. He is struggling, but will be fine when it's all over and decided for sure what they want us to do. We'll jump through the loops, we just need to know "how high" and "in which direction" to jump.
We love our mission here; the people are wonderful and It Is Africa's Time and we need your faith and prayers to help us make that happen.
We love you and we love your letters. It's the main thing that keeps us going right now; knowing that we have your faith and your support is the best thing we can possibly ask for.
Cindy, your last letter was wonderful and thanks for the update on your kids. I'm sorry I don't have time to write individually right now, was wonderful hearing about Bryan's mission and his blessing of "tongues" and also Kylea's good news about getting into the program she wanted.
Sherrie I just found your e-mail this morning and started reading it but we have to be down town for some other appointments in 7:30 AM and it's now 6 AM and I'v not collected all the stuff I need for the appointment. I did see the news (in red) that Braxton and Danielle and Kinli are going to the temple and We are so happy for them. Right now I'm not really sure why we are missing such great things with our family as I'm not sure how much good we are doing here, but.........................We will stay and keep trying harder.
Kricket, thanks for all the help with our blog and thanks for sending such cute pictures of your kids. Also, it was fun to visit with you the other night on the phone. It was like we were home again and I could just visit and visit with you.
Shaundalee, thanks for sending us pictures now and again from your cell phone, it's fun to see your kids growing up and Madi's halloween costume was so fun! She is growing up also.
Melissa, thanks for your weekly letters, we look forward to them every week and get so excited when they are posted! The pictures are always fun! and your new house in beautiful and we are so happy for you.
Sue, thanks for the fun Halloween pictures, you always do a great job with the costumes and it's fun to see the background of your pictures as it reminds us what our house looks like.
Thanks to all the rest of you for keeping us posting with your family. Those are just the recent ones we've heard from and I hadn't gotten time to thank them for the letters. We love you all and thank you in advance for your prayers in our behalf; we feel your love and support and we are trying our BEST!
Mom and Dad

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