Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week #35 - Papa Lynn

Dear Family and Friends 17 October 2010

As you can see by the date it is Sunday and another good day. We visited Molepolole this week and all the meetings were great. During Priesthood meeting the elders arranged for me to do a second interview. Most of the second interviews are for people who have been involved in an abortion in some way or another, or homosexuality. I haven’t had any with serious crime problems yet, I am happy about that. After the block there was a baptism for 10 wonderfully taught people including the one I had the second interview for. We got home a little after 3:30 had a bit of lunch and we are getting ready for a meeting called YSA fireside at the Morgan’s. We hope it goes well and I hope we don’t have a giant turn out. It should be fun. Mom cooked quite a bit yesterday and made about four wacky cakes and I washed the car polished 5 pair of shoes (mom’s and mine) and cut out barometer boards for about 3 hours. We don’t seem to get any down time except for a couple weeks ago when the independence holiday was over a long week end. Oh well we didn’t come here to be on a vacation so who’s complaining.

We had a great time with Elder and Sister Bricknell (Colin and Jenny). They are wonderful people and we get along with them so well. We didn’t have a dual moment with them at all. I think Mom told you all about their visit and the places we went with them. While Elder Bricknell talked in the missionary fireside at 1:30 I had to leave as I and Elder Copans the branch president of Kanye with President Hall the stake president. He wanted each unit to bring their current number of Full Tithe Paying Melchizedek Priesthood Holders and what they were setting as a goal for the 26th of June 2011. We currently have 81 in the 7 units and they set a goal of 161 total in the 7 units by 26th June 2011. I pray that their goals are realistic and if it is met before that date I’m sure we will become a stake on that date. I hope they don’t put working on the goal off until just before June because if they do it will not happen on that schedule.

Monday was a little bit of a sad day for us as we had 4 sisters leave Gaborone and drive up to Francistown to a new field of labor for them. Two of the four go home on December 1st of this year and they have always wanted to go to Francistown to visit but now they are doing for than visit as they will finish their missions there. We already miss them as they dropped by quit often (more than the elders do) but we are so happy for Francistown as they have wanted sister missionaries up there for a long time.

They provided a ride for Elder Hope that was serving in Mochudi as the district leader. Last Saturday after the meeting with Elder Bricknell a 21 year old girl they were teaching suddenly wrote a text message on Elder Hope’s phone telling him that she likes him. He went into shock and of course didn’t reply to her. Half an hour later he got the second text message asking why he didn’t reply and another note saying she liked him a lot. He called me immediately and asked what he should do. I told him he needed to call President Poulsen as soon as he got through talking to me. This he did and in 20 minutes President Poulsen called me and we talked about an emergency transfer. I suggested he have him transfer to Francistown as he had could ride up with the sisters on Monday and his residence permit would let him continue to serve in Botswana. He said he wanted to pray about it and he would let me know soon. In about an hour he called me back and asked me to call him and tell him to get packed and be ready to ride to Francistown with the sisters. He asked me to interview him fully about the girl and make sure all of this is on the up and up. I didn’t think he would ask me to do something of this importance but I humbly spent the evening praying for help in the interview. Sunday afternoon Elder Bricknell with his wife Jenny and Mom and I headed out to Mochudi. The interview went extremely well and I was guided by the spirit and am positive that he was innocent of any wrong doing with this investigator. I assured him that he did the right thing in calling. I expressed that if he wouldn’t have he would be acceptable to the spirit of the devil and I was very proud of him. When we were through he thanked me very much and said he felt much better about leaving their many investigators because he didn’t want to run the risk of any problems his staying could cause.

Wednesday the 13th I went to Mafikeng in South Africa with Mom and I had an baptismal interview with an investigator and President Poulsen has a terrible time getting to Mafikeng to interview the four elders there because it is so out of the way. It is closer to Gaborone here in Botswana than to any other part of the mission. He had asked me to do this when he was here for the rest of the two zones about a week or so ago. I felt comfortable with the elders interviews and also the investigators interview. I am getting more and more use to President Poulsen’s requests even if they are sometimes very scary.

This coming week is transfer week again. Monday I need to get computer work ready and then get all the passports and legal papers ready for the leaving elders and then get things ready for the incoming elders. Then the big day is Thursday to take all of them to the doctor, get residence photos, get paperwork certified at the police station and then take them to immigration (not my favorite day because of the last stop). By the way we got another call from immigration and they want more explanations on the elders that want residence permits. They gave us a list of 16 questions that they want answered, most of which are in the original paperwork but they want them again. I can’t hardly keep up with them but I try.

Tomorrow morning we have a skype call with President Loveland and the youth which he is holding a special fireside with It will be 3:00 AM here which is 7:00 PM Sunday your time. We tried to get out of it because of the time schedule but the more we thought of it the more we knew we needed to be a part of it.

It is now 7:30 and we just had the last of 42 Young Single Adults come to our house for an Evening With The Morgan’s. It went well but it is just one more thing we need to plan for each third Sunday of each month. When we mentioned it to Bishop Matswagothata he was excited about it and wanted us to give it a try. It was a fin evening and a lot of the singles really didn’t know each other so we had a fun get acquainted session. Well it is a little after 7:30 and we need to get up about 2:30 for the Burley Stake fireside. Good night everyone. The Gospel is true and we love our Savior Jesus Christ and will do what he wants us to do. We will even spend 18 months in southern Africa to serve him. Keep the faith and serve Him back home and we will join you in less than a year.


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