Thursday, October 21, 2010

No News yet!

Dear Family,
We don't really have any good news today, but we did feel of your prayers today as I only got to tears once instead of 3 or 4 times like the other days this week. We spent two hours getting our 6 new Elders (two more will arrive tomorrow) Certified at the Police Department, more Passport photo's taken and their physical's from the Doctor (a requirement for residency application) and then we headed for the Immigration Office. We spent 31/2 hours there with them applying and with us working at a different window on trying to get some relief on the group that have been rejected. We actually didn't get anywhere but we did get the official letter that we needed to begin our Appeal's process. We were told that it would take 2 - 3 months for the appeal and our missionaries had to wait out of the country until their appeal comes up and then they would have to appear in person before the committee. We called President Poulsen and gave him the bad news and he is almost as frustrated as we are but doesn't blame us.
Dad remembered the name of a church member that use to be on a political board and has helped us one other time. He came over and spent the evening with Dad re-writing an appeal letter and letters to the committe explaining why it would be so difficult to have our missionaries leave when their apartments and everything they own is right here in Botswana and that they come from many other countries to do this volunteer work here for the people of Botswana. This Brother Thebe is going to try to call someone tomorrow morning and get an actual appointment and then the two of them will try to see if they can get to anyone that will actually do anything for us. We are hopeful but trying to be realistic and realize that 'THE WORK WILL ROLL FORWARD" and THE LORD IS IN CHARGE!!!
I think it is just especially hard for Dad and I as we know President counts on us to keep everyone legal and we have been doing our best but we are beginning to think that our best isn't good enough. If we loose these 5 Elders, two of our areas will be left with no Branch President, No Zone Leader, and President just put new companions with them to train and so the areas will be completely "whitewashed" in Branches that are already struggling. Continue to keep us in your prayers, we are exhausted but together and fine. We are thankful that we have you to lean on and that you are "Forever Strong" in the gospel and in your family values. How blessed we are!
We Love You ALL so much!
Mom and Dad

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