Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Final Letter

     We are so happy with Elder and Sister Kimball.  The Lord is helping them each and every day and they are learning and doing just fine.  We really was worried for a couple of weeks but they have great attitudes and are quick learners so we are pleased.  She has even driven the car a few times.  They are both great drivers (a little slower then mom and I) but they are doing great.  Yesterday the transfer missionaries (8) arrived safely and we showed the Kimballs what we do and they did fine.  Today we take our new missionaries to the police to get things certified and to the doctor to start the paperwork to get their residence permits.
     We will probably help them for a few hours than come back to the Motheo Apartments to pack.  Mom has already started but I will start this afternoon.  We leave here at 8:00 and go through the border about 8:30 then drive to Johannesburg mission office and drop off the car and deliver some things.  President and Sister Omer will drive us to the airport and them along with Elder and Sister Bricknell and us will have a late lunch together and visit.  Then we will go to the departure gates and check in and wait for our plane to leave.  Mike remember that we will be coming in from Atlanta so I don't think it will be in the international part of the airport like Maria came into.  It says we will be on flight number DL983 arriving in SLC at 11:50 AM from Atlanta.  We have nothing to do in Salt Lake unless you want to set up an appointment with President Monson to get us released and I could tell him that a mission needs to be set up on Botswana.  (just kidding)
     We are looking forward to seeing everyone.
Love Out Of Botswana, Dad
P.S. Grandma and Grandpa Beus are planning to stay with us Saturday night.  Mike and Didi can you share a bedroom with your kids or something for just that one night.
P.S.S.  We will have internet here all day if anyone needs to say anything.  We wish Brayden good luck on the 16th we are praying for him and Jaxon

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