Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Replacements

Dear Family,
We don't want anyone to panic, but we just found out that our scheduled replacements have postponed their arrival until the 28th of AUGUST!!!  We are a bit paniced as we hard it all worked out to start training them the 25th of July so they would know everything about transfers, immigrtion, paying end of the month bills and first of the months bills, doing reports, etc. etc.
President Poulsen was even trying to get them to move their arrival date UP a week; but we don't know what happened as we really don't correspond with them at all, but we looked into our internet schedule of arrivals from the MTC yesterday morning and saw that they are now scheduled to arrive in Johannesburg on the 28th of August.
Dad called President Omer as we weren't sure if he knew or not, and he didn't so the two of them are trying to put their heads together and see what else they can come up with.  There are other couples in the mission that could be switched here but they are pretty settled where they are so President is going to do some looking and talk to the couple that is due to arrive next Monday and see who he feels would be the best to take our place.  We are kind of on HOLD trying to find "we don't know who" and "we don't know when" a place to stay like we did the first few weeks we were here.  It's hard to find an apartment for only a month and hotels are extremely expensive for that long so as soon as we know who is coming and when so we can product their ID information and Passport and whatever else the Hotel needs before they will let us book it; we will quickly try to find them a place to stay.  We are sure something will work out but we really don't want to have a "sleep over" here at our place for a whole month while we are trying to pack up and clean out and etc.  We love you and we are coming home!
Mike, and Family
(Mike wrote back to me but Dad said I left too much unsaid and that I'd better address this letter to everyone.  Sorry if I paniced anyone out!
No;  our "come home" date is not changing.  Our flights are already booked and we told President Omer that we have everything scheduled for you to get off work and that you are the one picking us up at the airport and he was very understanding.  We just have to switch him and his other Counselors into a fast mode and they are having a Phone Conference Call type Presidency Meeting tonight at 8 PM. to see which couple, either one in the mission already or the one coming next week will be best to replace us.  The couple coming in next week (The Kimball's) are a little older (70"s) and President Poulsen thought they might not be able to handle things here but they are from Tempe Arizona and look pretty sharp from their pictures we got on our computer program and we really feel comfortable with them taking our place.  In fact, when we saw their pictures, I immediately felt like I wished they were the ones that President Poulsen had chosen, and I was less excited about the Robison's that he did choose.  So I'm actually hoping that they all talk about it tonight and decide on the Kimball's
.  I figure with a name like Kimball; we can't go too far wrong and they will be able to do the work.  I'm not sure President Poulsen realized that Dad will soon be 69 and I'm not nearly far enough behind him.  We love you and we are coming home on schedule.
Love, Mom & Dad

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