Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book of Mormon Reading Challenge

Dear Family and Friends,
     I don't know how many of you are keeping up with the Book of Mormon challenge that started on the 27th of May 2011 but if you are staying on schedule you will be reading of the actual appearance of the Savior to the people on the American continent.  The challenge of readng 77 days at 7 pages each day you should be reading page 428 through 434 today.  You know that I haven't mentioned this very often but today is special with the appearance of the Savior and his teaching contained in those pages are wonderful.  I know that the next four days will be full of great and wonderful things and I am excited to read them but I am staying strictly on schedule.  I hope you are reading pages 428 through 434 today.
Love Out Of Botswana, Dad, Papalynn, Brother, and Friend

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