Thursday, March 10, 2011

We are in Francistown

Dear Family and Friends,
     We are Francistown for few days as President Poulsen has asked us to spend two days in Francistown each week between the time that Elder and Sister Cardiff left and until the time that Elder and Sister Riser from Rosevelt Utah arrive.  I think we will be driving them up here on the morning of the 27th just in time for me to do some interviews for baptims before the baptism service that early afternoon.  We are excited to meet them and help them get aquainted with Botswana.  Hopefully everything will go good for them.  We hope they get their residence permits quickly.
     No new news about Mariah yet but we have faith that we can put everything together to help her be a little more agressive.  I am making up a sheet that in fairly large letters says please read these documents, then list the documents or letters they should read.  We have a young lady from the YSA ward coming to help her and practice with her.  We are going to the Francistown district meeting this morning which is also the Zone because they only have 8 here which is the zone and district as they have 4 elders and 4 sisters.
     We love each of you very much.  We know we are doing the work of the Lord and it is He that called us to serve here in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission under the direction of President Poulsen and to serve here in the Botswana part of the mission.  We have been blessed and we feel of His spirit in the work we do.  We have seen miracles, many of them, some large and many small but never the less we have seen miracles.  We love serving and it keeps Mom and I together and that is wonderful in its self.   l love Lorraine more and more each day and she is a great help mete to me.  She inspires me and helps me and in turn I do my best to inspire and help her.  We feel the love from each of you and we know that you are very busy in your lives (because many don't have time to write to us) and we understand because we raised a wonderful family and love them to bits.
     Will write again more later.  By the way we are planning to catch a plane on the llth of August heading for America.  Well arive sometime on the 12th, at least that is the plan for now.  Hopefully that will work out alright for all of you.  When we get closer to that time we will have Barney see if we can report our mission on the 15th of August but lets wait and make sure there isn't any changes.
Love Dad and Mom (Out of Botswana)

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