Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Million Thanks from Botswana

DEar Family,
I'm so sorry that we just have not had time to even write, but life here has been so hectic for the past month and this last week was such a delight that we just haven't stopped long enough to think about how much we are going to miss the boys now that they are gone. We drove to JoBurg to get them and got back after midnight and we haven't stopped for a minute since. They dumped their suitcases that night of all the wonderful things that you all sent and most f it is still on the kitchen cabinet. You all know me well enough to know that I normally don't do things like that, but we didn't want to waste a minute while they were here.
I just sorry that I haven't taken the time to THANK all of you for the wonderful, individualized things that you sent us. We loved all the cards, notes, and pictures from the kids. Please tell them thank you and that Granny is going to hang them up in her house and leave them there until we come home. It made us miss all of you even more but it's nice to know that we have your support being here in the Mission Field because we know that we are supposed to be here right now and until August.
Thanks you for chasing down all the make-up items and curling iron that I asked for; it is perfect and I appreciate all of your trouble. Thanks for all the "favorite" candy that was sent, the carmel corn, the banana bread, the caramels (wow! all that work). We actually devoured a whole box while the boys were here, but Dad put the other box away for when we are alone again. It was fun to open my Mother's Day packasge that you sent (Harold and Sue) and I will enjoy the book. The pictures of the heart cookies from the kids were fun, all the cinnamon candy will be great to enjoy as we travel. We don't share them very often, but perhaps we have enough to share once in a while because the missionaries do love them too. Thanks for all the new pictures of the kids, they are growing up so fast and we miss them so very much. Kricket, all the items you put together for our Branches is absolutely wonderful. I didn't pass any of them out yet because I want to take the time to divide them up just right, but I will take some pictures and let you know how much they appreciate them. I told the Primary President in Mochudi today that I had some things for her and she is so excited. She has about 12 primary kids and she told me today that they don't even have plain paper for them to draw on. I'll get busy and get them passed out; the kids are going to love it all. The scripture bags are awesome, the bookmarks are really great and we'll put together some great packets for each Branch to enjoy. Be sure to tell your friends and your ward how much they are appreciated. I'm the lucky one because I get to see their happy smiling faces when we give them out. Thanks a TON!
Gay; I"ll include you in the family letter so I can thank you for all of the pictures and bookmarks you sent. They will make wonderful gifts for us to give as we leave the people here. We are growing so close to many of them and a lot of it comes from working so closely with them and trying to help them strengthen their testimonies so we can grow and become a Stake here hopefully before we leave. Bishop Motswaghotata and his family have become dear friends and they have the two cutest little girls; they will absolutely love the picture you sent of the Savior and the little girl. I have the picture of the Savior holding the little baby on my cell phone and I also was given a wallet sized picture of it and everyone wants to know where I got it. It will be fun to start tiving them out before we leave. Thank You!!
I'm sure I've forgotten some individual things and I'm sorry about that but it's late and I'll write more at a better time.
We had one of our YSA young ladies come over tonight and help us with the VISA papers for Mariah. It took them 4 hours on the computer but they got them all ready to turn in and we were able to secure an appointment on-line for 8 AM Tuesday morning. Tomorrow we have to get a PassPort type picture for her (again) and also go to the Gaborone Branch of the school she will be attending in Kanye when she returns so they can give us a letter verifying that she is enrolled in school and then I think we'll have everything we need to go for the appointment on Tuesday. Pray for us please; she will have to go up to the window herself and answer any questions they want to ask her. We are WAY nervous about that because we have no idea what they will ask her and she is so shy and quiet that we hope our coaching and the coaching of Celeste (our YSA Gal) will be enough to warrent them giving her the Visa. Celeste was a nanny here for a family that worked for the US Embassy a few years ago and they bought her a ticket to Kentucky where they live and she stayed with them for 3 weeks. She was our best bet for help with the Visa and we are trying to answer every prompting we get for help. We have lead and guided thus far and we just have one more hurdle to get over and then she will be able to get on that plane. We will let you know as soon as we know anything- but huge hearfelt prayers will be appreciated. We know if it is Heavenly FAther's will, it will happen and we have FAITH that if He could heal the sick and raise the dead; then He can get Mariah on that plane and safely to America so her baby can bless the lives of all of our family and we as a family can bless the life of that sweet baby and also of Mariah.
THank You for everything. We felt like it was Christmas in March and it was absolutely amazing to open it all up. We will still be enjoying it until it's time to come home. We love you
Mom and Dad, Granny and PaPaLynn, Lynn and Lorraine

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