Monday, September 13, 2010

Week #29 - Papa Lynn

Dear Family and Friends 5 September 2010

This has been a very different week because we finished the Principle Training lessons and we are very glad to have them done. It was a month of a very heavy extra load. That is now behind us and we don’t see anything like it in the future but who knows? On Thursday the 26th Sister Morgan and I went to the border to pay the 3 months insurance that we have done for longer than we have been here and they border people didn’t want to let us buy it. He said the cars could only stay in the country for 90 days and then they had to leave. That has worked on some of our cars as we take them out for transfers or even when we go across the border to visit Mafikeng every two month but most don’t leave Botswana ever.

He made us meet with his big boss and he told us the same thing. So we left with another difficult problem as we didn’t have insurance and they said we have our cars in Botswana illegally and we must register them in Botswana. Well that is well and good and we personally would love to do that as it would take of several problems but the cost would be about 12% value of each car. I talked to Rob Dickie who is the fleet manager and he said no way. By this time they had a list of our cars because they got it when we went out to by the insurance. I really worried about them impounding all of our cars. I talked to Elder Watts who is over the cars in the mission at least in South Africa and we decided to swap each of the cars across the border. We took 3 on Thursday and 3 on Friday and 3 on Saturday the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of this month. That gave me a lot of border crossings in three days plus one extra as one of our missionaries left their flat (apartment) key in the car heading to Johannesburg. We called and they were only about 30 kilometer out and they turned around and I had to go back across the border just to get his flat keys. Even though I went across the border 4 times I didn’t loss my passport.

As we came into Botswana each day with three cars we were able to purchase the 90 days worth of insurance which now made us legal again. We won’t tell them that we will most likely have several of these cars go without insurance before they change across the border again. But we will try to keep on top of this much better.

I had another run in with the immigration last Thursday. One of our missionaries was in town on the car exchange thing and so while he was here his 90 days is up so I wanted to take him to get his waiver renewed. They said things are not right because we come in the country as visitors and then in 90 days we ask to have them registered on their waiver as a volunteer. Well am I ever glad that this will be the last set of waivers as we will now be on residence permits. Not only will this be easier but they can stay to the end of their missions here in Botswana.

Enough of the pity party in my behalf. It is all the more reason I get the big bucks in my pay check. At least maybe I will get the big bucks but the big bucks would most likely if I didn’t complain in my letters to my family.

Some have sent packages and had them return. Let me put what address you should use to get mail and packages to us.

Elder and Sister Morgan

Postnet Kgale

AD P. O. Box 172 ADD

Gaborone, Botswana

PH: 7132-0394

Of course it looks different to you because you don’t live in Botswana but that is the way it should be on the packages or letters. If you put the phone number as I have it below on the left or right but not as part of the address they will call us when it comes.

I will close for this two weeks and Mom will write again next week. We love each of you and are very proud of you and pray for you each day. Please continue to send e-mails and your love to us. DAD

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