Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week # 31 - Papa Lynn

This has been a mixed up week as It started out a little slow but it changed about Wednesday. Two sisters who served here in Botswana called about a month ago to see if they could come and visit their old stomping grounds. We said sure because we knew them as Sister Farrow was here for about 3 weeks after we arrived here in Botswana and Sister Kubecka was six weeks longer than that. The first day was very hectic as they kept asking us to drive them or pick them up from different things. So we have been very glad that we had plans for Friday in Mochudi and the again Saturday in Kanye. They have done really well these last couple of days as they have people to visit and see and I’m not sure how they are getting from place to place but they seem to getting along just fine without us.

Friday we hurried around and got things ready for Saturday as we knew that we couldn’t put things off until Friday night. I did some things for missionaries on bike issues and had to get the trailer ready to haul the big ladder to put up a sign on the building in Kanye and all this took place before 9:00 as we headed to Mochudi for a district meeting. It was a fun district meeting as we drove around one of the small mounts on the edge of town and had the district meeting on the edge of a cliff. The wind was blowing more than usual but it made it so it wasn’t so hot. We saw some wild monkeys and Elder Hope the district leader had a great lesson. On the way back we stopped at the immigration office to see if the first batch of Elders that we want to get residence permits were ready. Not being very surprised they said come back in a few days. We keep getting told to come back in a few days. I think they just like to see how much we will put up with. I made a note on my calendar to come back in about three weeks so they can’t tell us they aren’t ready.

Saturday morning which was this morning we got up at 6:00 and headed to Kanye. They are moving into their new church building and will hold their first meeting in it tomorrow. Here is list of things we did today. First thing we went to the Elders flat which is the old church building also and meet with the elders just as the zone leaders that had been in Mafikeng on splits for Friday arrived. As they changed their cloths we headed to the new church to get started for the day. We had a big sign to plant in cement by the road which pointed to the new church meeting place. We had an even bigger sign made to put on the outside wall of the building that I borrowed a huge extension ladder and hung it. I put a small one by the front door also (three different signs). Then I hung paper towel dispensers in both the men and ladies bathrooms. Then we moved the baptismal font and it had to be buried as the walls are to week without support around them. In between all of this I had to make a couple of trips with the trailer back and forth between the old church site and the new one to move chairs, tables, books, bookcase, podium, easels, and many other things.

All and all it was a wonderful day but Mom and I aren’t as young as we used to be so we are very tired after a full day. It was fun and hard at the same time, but very rewarding. We plan to go to bed a little early tonight. Tomorrow we head back to Kanye as they have asked both Mom and I to speak in the new building sacrament meeting. They also asked me to offer a special prayer to help tie the new building into missionary work and to help people to remain active. I will do the best I can and it will all be part of my talk.

Please find attached some pictures we took today. I will close for now but we send our love clear from Botswana to each of you. Thank you for your letters and all you do for us. We love serving here in Botswana and thank our Father in Heaven for such great families that support us her in the mission field.

With love out of Botswana, DAD and MOM

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