Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 24 - Papa Lynn

28th July 2010

I can’t believe that the week has flown by so fast. I should have written on Sunday but we were in South Africa in Mafikeng to their branch conference with the Roodepoort stake president. It was a great conference and the elders are working hard in their areas there. We have to sets of elders there and we met with both sets and talked about their investigators. They have great potential with several baptisms coming up soon. We stayed overnight and came back Monday. Sunday night we stayed in a place the elders lined up for us and it was reasonable nice. We can’t afford the Ritz so we were happy. When I went to pay the following morning they said we don’t charge people of the church. We were totally surprised. We don’t know if they are members of the church or just really nice people. We told the elders and they were surprised as well. The border crossing going into South Africa always goes well but even coming back into Botswana went well Monday on the way home.

We were in a hurry to get back as I have 5 elders that need a 90 day waiver extension to finish their time here in Botswana. Well the immigration department did it to us again. They have change the rules again. We now have to have each elder there with us and have a picture and fingerprints along with all the other things we have done before. It keeps life interesting here and we never fall into a routine because routines are things that happen the same way all the time. It doesn’t work that way here.

This is transfer week and both Mom and I work long hours. I have tons of paperwork that I have to get ready before transfers just to get the old missionaries transferred out with passports and waiver papers and all that goes with it. Mom has food for them to eat when they come. They usually leave in two groups, one on Tuesday morning and the second group on Wednesday morning. The new elders come back all together on Wednesday night. I expect them with the next hour or so. It is 9:00 PM now and I hope they are here before 10:30 as I have about two hours work to do after they arrive to be ready tor them to come back and do paperwork for them to take to the police station with me to have everything certified as real copies of everything. The two hours tonight is to make three copies of their passports and ministerial certificates, and stamp when they arrived in the country which is today. I have in the last couple days prepared letters for the immigration and then tomorrow they have to take all the things they fill out along with a photo that we will have to get and a doctor’s report that we have appointment for them at 11:00 AM. What a mess up day but we hope to get it all done. We need just another small miracle and to be guided each step tomorrow to be able to do it all and have everything go as it needs to.

Well I will close for now and write again in less than two weeks. Mom will write next week.

Love Out Of Africa (Botswana)


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