Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 13 - Papa Lynn

Dear Family and Friends,
First of all I want to thank everyone for making this past weekend at the Temple and with David and Cindy such a wonderful occasion. We have called and talked to eveyone. We are so blessed. I was a little hard for Saturday itself as we thought all day long as differnet thing were to take place in St. George at the same time were thinking of them but things were happening for us in the afternoon as they were happen that morning for all of you. Confusing but not really. Our thoughts and prayers were with everyone. Glad that Mom parents were able to be a part of it.

Let me make a few explainations of what has happened here. Elder and Sister Olson have trained us at the same time we have been working with the Young Singles Adult Ward and so we were keeping busy but really there wasn't enough for both couples to keep busy. Elder and Sister Olson have a daughter that was having either marital problems or having problems with getting through a devorce I'm not sure. They were suppose to go home the last half of July but with the world football (soccor) cup taking place in Johannesburg they couldn't get flights out so they change there go home dat to the middle of June. Well to make a long story short they called President Poulsen the middle of April and said the Morgans know everything they need to know to take our place and we have problems at home may we get released the end of April or first of May? President Poulsen said it was their decission and they decided to go home the first day of May which was a couple weeks ago. We have moved into the mission home and the pictures I took and are on our blog are from the place we are not moved into. We are completely up and running but we have made a few changes in the mission home that we are moved into. We have moved the office into the little area that was the dinning room with the little kitchen table. We are making one of the rooms across the hall into the new dinning room. We do not have the mission office in the master bedroom any longer. We do have desks that we can do our personal study each morning but none of the office things are back there any longer.

I will take some pictures as we love the arrangement much more and it is working great. Perhaps the Michealis's and the Olson's will have a fit because it isn't what they had or liked but we like change and love the new arrangement much more. When we have missionaries that need something we don't have to be back in the far corner of the bedroom to find the answer for them. The master bedroom is now private and we love it. Even the Elders and Sisters have said this should have been this way long ago. They can feel like the office is now part of the mission and not a hidden office back in the bedroom.

My health is still wonderful and I feel great. Mom is downing wonderful and is as beautiful as ever. We are both getting a few white hairs amoungst the dark hair but not to noticable. We have earned each of them over the years and we love each one of them. Keep in tough with us we love your e-mails and are sorry that we don't and can't answer each of them but we do read them and try to explain things in our blog. Thanks again Kricket for converting these letters into the blog.

With Love Out Of Africa,

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