Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 4 - Granny

Dear Family,
Computer time and e-mailing is much harder than we thought it would be from here.. We don’t actually have access to the internet at all unless we go over to Olson’s home and ask to use their computer and that is very difficult as their computer is in their bedroom. I’m sure there are internet clubs around somewhere but I don’t think I want to try using one of them YET! So we will just write in our apartment and then go over to Olson’s and ask to use their computer to send it. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have quickly, and then we’ll write back the next week. In three months it will be easier and I’ll certainly be anxious for that time to come so we can communicate better and more often.

Dad has written you a letter already, so perhaps I can just share some spiritual thoughts from our last few wonderful meetings we have been able to attend. Perhaps some of them can be the basis for a wonderful Family Home Evening this week or a great dinner table discussion when you are all together.

Elder Jensen: We promise God to do our best for a lifetime—He promises All He Has for ETERNITY!

Mosiah 4:9-10 Believe All Things and Try to Do Them! He asked: “How do we take what we know and make it what we do? What is the source of our choices?

“Courage” is the ability to make wise choices during difficult circumstances.

Sister Jensen: Encouraged us tol “Go Home & be a Better Family Member.” Give our best to our family.

President Bricknell: Told the story of catching a lady bug in his hand and holding it really tight until he could get outside to turn it loose. When he got outside, he realized it had already crawled out through a tiny hole of light by his pinky finger. He then told us that we should work this hard to get to “The light” of Christ. He said “No darkness in all the world can put out the light of a single candle.” Then he said “In the fight of good over evil, the one we “feed” will always win.

President Koelliker (Our Area President) spoke today on the importance of:
….. “Teaching the Pre-eminence of the home”. Family is the most important thing, and our children must know that.
…..He encouraged us to Pray personally twice a day, pray as couples (or companions) twice a day and make sure we listen to each other as we pray.
…..He spoke on the importance of identifying our ancestors and doing their vicarious ordinances. He said that “going to the temple is the closest thing we can do that compares to what our Savior Jesus Christ did for us.

How we love and miss you. I wish I could put my arms around you individually right now and tell you how much I love you and how very proud of each of you I am. I love you with all of my heart; you are truly my precious treasures and I am a very blessed woman. Please give my love to each of your children and tell that Granny loves and misses them.


PS Happy Birthday Quinten

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