Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pictures from Africa

Dear Family,
We had a few minutes last night so I went around and took some pictures of our apartment so you could see where we are living right now. It's only temporary, but we are very appreciative of the living space. Also, I sent a couple pictures of dad's nurses and lunch lady so you could meet them. Dad is doing fine and goes to the Doctor again today. Hopefully we will get good news about his blood count so we can finally reach our destination of Botswana. I've given up on the hair do's these days as plug ins are few and the wrong shape. I planned to buy a hair dryer and curling iron when we got here, but everyone says we will probably need different adaptors when we get to Botswana, so for now I'm taking advantage of the perm I got just before I left and I look like I have an original African hair do. I just wash and let it dry and it's African Curly so don't be shocked if we send some pictures that you don't recognize the "strange white woman" in. The group shot of the Relief Society ladies and me was taken at church last week. They hold church in some "portable" building they call "Speed Space."

Love Ya,

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