Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week #51 - Papa Lynn

Dear Family and Friends,
Right now I really feel good about what happened at the
immigration office today because we went to Lobatse and had 7 new
missionaries apply for residence permits at their office. Things went
really well and I have been told by one of the immigration personal
that they usually take about 6 weeks. I will be praying every morning
and night hoping that will really happen. Cecilia who works for Stix
was there and did a great job of helping. She actually had paperwork
that made it easier to explain that we don’t need to apply for work
permits. Wow what a change. Perhaps we have started a breakthrough.
Now on the other hand we got a letter in the mail from the
Universal immigration office this afternoon that says they need a copy
of our churches constitution which we went through this with the last
group that was refused. I may start pulling my hair out. We had a
great morning and then we got this letter this afternoon. I will take
a copy of the churches constitution in to them in the morning.
Hopefully it will get there before we get another rejection letter.
Life is a little different around here right now as about a week
ago President Poulsen ask mom and I to be in Francistown for two day
each week between when Elder and Sister Cardiff go home and about a
month later when the new couple arrives and then train them in
Francistown. We hope we can do that in one three day visit. I think
we will have them come in from Johannesburg on a bus and then take
them to Francistown a day or two later and them on the way and spend
time with them for a couple more days. It is another opportunity to
serve President Poulsen and we will do our best. It is about the same
time three of our sons will be visiting, as Cardiff’s leave on the 1st
day of March and the boys go back home on the 4th of March. We can do
it all if the calendar doesn’t slide around on the wall to fast. We
will keep everyone posted and hope you keep us in your prayers. It is
a great roller coaster ride here in the mission field but we love
keeping busy and it helps keep our minds off thinking too much about
Well I will close for now as I haven’t read my scripture yet
today because of the early morning going to Lobatse and taking a car
in to the fender bender shop first. LOVE OUT OF BOTSWANA, DAD AND MOM

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