Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week # 47 - Papa Lynn

Dear Family and Friends,

I thought before the week end hits with coming up transfers I would drop a line and tell of a couple of things that have happened this week. Let me start off with our Master Card fleet cards that have been turned off. When they were started back in the last week of September 2010 I was told that it should be me that runs the review of each purchase on the paymentnet account. I agreed to do so and tried to get into the program many different times and each time I would write a letter to our local Johannesburg gal in the finance department with a copy to Salt Lake. I never got any answers as how to go into the account in paymentnet to review the charges. Well the 30th of December they cut us off and no one could purchase petrol. I made a couple of phone calls to a few people and they reinstated all of them until the 21st of January. In the mean time they have set me up and I have gone back and review enough that we are in good standing at the present time and I think we will be changing to Visa Cards because almost all the cards come through with between 5 and 9.5 percent added to each purchase and my Visa Card that is a church card never has any amount added. So Salt Lake and I think it is the Master Card as some stations don’t even want to take it and some of our missionaries can’t purchase petrol with it. So Salt Lake has written to me a couple days ago and they are getting each of us a new Visa Card.

Now about this past Monday we spent most of the day in Serowe or at least close to Serowe. We went to the Rhino Sanctuary just out of Serowe. I hope to send some pictures attached. President Poulsen is a great man and realizes that we work very hard. He want us to be able to relax a little when we can and Elder and Sister Cardiff from Francistown have been asking us to come and meet them at Serowe and go to this game park. We didn’t think we would ever have time but because things were a little slower between Christmas and New Years we had a chance to get caught up on everything so when they asked again we took them up on it. We were only gone from about 11:00 AM and got back a little after 9:30 PM that same day. It rained like crazy the last half hour just before we got to the game reserve and then it rained really hard for the next 45 minutes. We decided to wait it out because we had traveled for about 3 hours getting there. We are glad we did as we saw lots of Rhino the most that the Cardiff’s have ever seen there. We saw giraffes, warthogs, impala, wildebeests, zebras, water buck and many other animals. It was a great day.

On Wednesday we were rewarded greatly. A couple months back we taught with the sisters a man that had been baptized about 10 years before but was inactive. I think he wanted to come back to the foal but just couldn’t commit at that point. Well as I was studying I got a phone call and I didn’t recognize the phone number but I answered and he said his name was Ishmael and he was coming back had a question about tithing. He wanted to know if he should pay on his wages or on his gross wages. This phone call is all a great indication that he is serious about coming back to church.

We went to Lobatse today and had good meetings. Mom and I spoke and Mom did a great job and took about 10 minutes. There was about 20 minutes left and I was able to talk on different items and tie it all together, it was perhaps my best talk so far.

I love to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I pray many times each day that what I do is in his favor. I pray for the Holy Ghost to be a constant guide to me and Mom and I pray it is in each of your lives as well. We are all working hard to be a family and live with our Father and Mother in Heaven once again. May the blessings of the Lord be with each of you.


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