Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 17 - Papa Lynn

Dear Family,
This is a big week or even month here in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission as the WORLD CUP is here in full force. At our last zone conference we were give instructions that the elders and sisters are not to make appointments during any of the games. The church has found out that it creates enemys to bother people during big games, so the elders and sisters have set up a screen in the relief society room and invite everyone they meet to come and watch the games at the church. It is working very well. So far they have had less active and non members to every game they have put on. It is a great fellowshipping tool and the missionaries can watch the games as well. If they don't have investigators or a purpose in being there then they have to go home or out and find people on the street to talk to about the church.
t is fun to see each missionary shine in his or her own field. We have had Elder Call from Boise Idaho help us serveral times with computer things and now we are enjoying one of our missonaries from Germany and he reall shines in the foot ball (soccer) lime light. He knows the flags by heart, he knows the teams, and even has pridictions as to the outcome of each game. He gets very excited and he makes sure he has investigators and less actives to each game so he can be there. They only average one game day where there are three but they are all excited to be at that one game.
I want to announce that usually resident permits are done in three months or the 90 days after you come into the country. Well Mom's and mine went over the 90 days so we had to hurry and get a waiver or extention for another 90 days. Just a week later which was last Wednesday we have been approved and can pick up our resident permits. A big YEA on our part. We can stay here until the end of our mission. We didn't really think that was going to be a problem but they kept us in stitches until longer than usual.
This week coming up is going to be a very busy week. We receive new missionaries from South Africa. We loose seven this transfer so that means that I have to get all the paperwork ready for the seven replacements. They are doing something different this transfer than they have ever done before here in is mission. They are not letting anyone know where they are going until the transfer meeting. We have had it that way in the other missions that we have served in but this mission has told them when they are being transfered and where they are going the Saturday before the Wednesday transfers. This time they know they are being transfered but do not know where they are going. Because I need to start the paper work ahead of time I know who is coming into Botswana but not even our zone leaders know who is comng. I don't know for sure what area they will be serving in but because of the need for drivers in some areas and they seldom put two local Africians together I have a pretty good idea where everyone is going.
Tomorrow will be an ususual day as two of the missionaries that are being transfered are being transfered back home as they are at the end of their missions. We have found a local golf course that has great rates on Mondays so four of us are going golfing. I am really excited and they are as well. I don't think any of them have played sense being here on their missions.
Today we went to Molepolole and the stake president came clear from Johannesburg and one of our missionaries that is being transfered has been the branch president and of course his transfer will release him. The branch was having there annual branch conference and that is the reason the stake presidency came up. Mom and I went and they put in a local man as the new branch president. He has been serving as a counselor to our missionary and he has been trained very well. It is a great move and I think the branch will do great. They have an average attendance of about 80 people every week so we hope this will give the missionaries more time to actually do missionary work. Mom and I travel and attend a different branch or ward every week.
We try and attend a different district meeting each week as well. It entail a lot of travel but we feel it is very effective. President Poulsen has given us a lot of leway to do as we see fit. We love serving here and feel that we are making a great difference. We keep busy and love the work. We know this is where we are to be at this time and miss the family a lot but we will be home when our mission is over. Congradulations to Bryan on his call to Argentine. He will make a great missionary and we know he has prepared himself for this time of his life. I think I was one of the closest guessers as I had him in the southern hemisphere. Don't you think that is close enough?
Well I will close for this week and we want everyone to know that we pray for you individually every day. Those having babies, those in school, those finishing up thesis papers, those that have jobs, those who are mothers of our grandchildren and their husbands as well, those remodeling and those who are building their own homes, we even pray for those who are property assors. We pray for the grandchildren that they will prepare for temple marriage soon, hav their child sealed to them, those on a mission in Brazil, those still in school (taking the summer off at this time) and for all that need extra blessings from the Lord. We love you aaaaallllll very much.
With Love Out Of Africa
Dad and Mom

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